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What is Goode Health?

If “good health” means feeling your best, Goode Health means feeling even better: The brain child of the nation’s top medical experts, Goode Health’s Ultimate Nutrition Shake is a 5 in 1 superfood blend combining the best of your protein powder, greens blend, daily multivitamin, fiber supplement, and powerful antioxidants. It's plant-based, science-backed and designed by doctors to alleviate often overlooked micronutrient hunger.  That grumbling you feel when your diet fails to deliver the nutrients your body needs is where Goode Health comes in, and is optimized to function even better than simple vitamins. Our proprietary wellness platform synthesizes the body’s biomarkers in the Goode Health Score to help you track measurable improvements in your health and wellbeing.

How do I add Goode Health to my daily routine?

Simply stir one scoop of Goode Health to your water, milk, coffee or daily smoothie to alleviate micronutrient hunger and ensure you’re getting every vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant your body needs.  This helps with both optimal daily functioning and preparing your body for a long, healthy life. Goode tip: Use two scoops if you want to replace a meal.

Will it help me lose weight?

Goode Health was formulated to provide all the nutrients your body needs in less than 90 calories, plus it contains a good amount of protein, fiber and chia seeds, which all help to keep you feeling full longer. 3 out of 4 customers have told us they lost weight using Goode Health daily, and many use as a meal replacement (2 scoops in place of 1). As always, consult your healthcare provider as needed, but Goode Health can be part of your wellness journey!

What flavors are offered?

Goode Health comes in a velvety Moroccan Chocolate and classic Vanilla Spice. We also offer an Unsweetened version of our vanilla, which has no stevia or monk fruit and is a great smoothie base. The jury is out on which is more delicious, but fans agree wholeheartedly that no nutrient supplement is nearly as tasty!

How is it different from other supplements or protein powders?

1) None of the nasty stuff - no fillers, sugar, artificial anything. 2) The right ingredients in the right amounts - clinically shown to improve your health. Our physician-developed blend is made from the Earth’s most potent superfoods paired with plant protein and prebiotic fiber to maximize bioavailability and absorption. It contains our proprietary SUPRshield polyphenols and CORE8™ Micronutrients, which are specially formulated to satisfy micronutrient hunger.

What counts as an 'improvement' to my Goode Health Score?

Developed by our Medical Board, the Goode Health Score is a number between 0-100, which is a compilation of biometrics including your BMI (from self-reported height and weight), along with data from the blood test - cholesterol panel, hs-CRP (marker of inflammation), and hbA1C (blood sugar marker).  Any increase to this score is considered an improvement in your health!

How many servings are in each bag?

Each Goode Health bag contains 25 single-scoop servings. We include a standard-sized scoop in every bag to take the guesswork out of measuring.

What are the nutrition facts of Goode Health?

If you click shop now, you will see a link that says 'nutrition facts' under each flavor. This will show you an image of the nutrition facts panels for each flavor. You can also find the nutrition facts in the carousel of images on the shop now page. Each one-scoop serving of Goode Health contains 80 calories,  14g protein, 5g dietary fiber (depending on customized blend) and always zero added sugars or saturated fats.  In addition, each scoop contains our CORE8™ Micronutrients blend and SUPRshield™ powerful polyphenol antioxidants.  All this, designed to satisfy your body's needs,  so you don’t crave unwanted calories.

How can I customize my blend?

Up to four Boosters are available to customize your blend and help you meet your personal goals: Choose from Immune Support, Metabolism, Vascular, and Recovery Boosters. You can personalize your blend to meet your body’s precise nutritional needs.  To customize, you can quickly answer a few simple questions on your current nutrition, or better yet we’ll send you an at-home finger prick blood test that measures 8 essential biomarkers, then tweak your blend to deliver exactly what you're missing for optimal health once your results are analyzed.

What does it taste like? How do I consume?

Our users tell us just, yum! Goode Health was preferred 3 to 1 versus other leading brands in an independent blind taste test. It can be mixed with water, coffee or milk, or added to any smoothie recipe to make it more substantial. Depending on which flavor you choose, expect Moroccan Chocolate and Vanilla Spice to taste like the classic flavors, but more complex and nuanced thanks to potent superfoods like cinnamon and turmeric.

Is it non-GMO or Natural / Organic?

Our Nutrients are 100% Natural,  plant based and derived from whole foods, with no GMOs, GUMS or fillers added. We don’t use artificial flavors, preservatives, or additives (ever).  Though we're not certified Organic yet, our standards are the highest in the industry. We don't use any sugar, artificial anything or Erythritol.

Where is it made?

To find the world’s highest quality and most potent ingredients, we source them globally. However, we blend and package all of our products 100% in the USA.

Is it Kosher-certified?

Goode Health is a 100-percent vegan formula that contains no dairy or animal proteins. We’re currently in the process of securing our official Kosher certification.

What allergens are contained in the product?

None of the top 9 allergens are included in our product. However, the facility they are made in does process milk, soy, eggs, sesame, wheat, peanuts & tree nuts

Is it Gluten Free?

Yes, our products are gluten free! None of our raw materials contain gluten.   We do not use any gluten containing grains: no wheat, barley, rye or oat products.  Our manufacturing facility does not carry any gluten containing ingredients or make any finished products with gluten.   A “certified gluten free” sticker requires a manufacturer to test the finished products for gluten.    We do not do this,  as we don’t have any products or processes which could introduce gluten into the product so there is no reason we would need to test for gluten.  

If I am on Keto, can I use this product?

Yes! We are keto suitable.

If I am on the DASH diet, can I use this product?

Yes! We are DASH suitable.

How do I get a blood test?

To get one of our Goode Health blood tests so you can see your biomarkers and use to order a customized blend, simply click on 'My Account' in the nav, log in, and order from there! We also have it linked to the footer of the page under 'The Test Kit'

What type of folate is in the blend?

We use methyl folate! It is more similar to the natural vitamin B9 that's present in your body.

What type of green tea do you use in your blend?

We use Decaffeinated green tea.