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person opening up the personalized goode health blood test kit on a table

Collecting your blood sample is quick + easy. You're one step closer to better health


  1. Run your hands under warm water.
  2. Get your sample card ready and unfolded.
  3. Uncap the lancet and press it firmly against the side of your finger.
  4. Fill in the dots on the card. Do not touch your finger to the card.
  5. Let the card dry and send it back with the prepaid label provided!
*IMPORTANT: Don't forget to register your kit before returning your sample.

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"The Goode Health blood test was easy, painless and provided valuable information about my health. It highlighted a couple of areas where I had an opportunity to improve my nutrition. Knowledge is power after all. Other blood tests I had done were at a doctors office (inconvenient) and were so complex that I couldn't take meaningful action."

-Matt S.