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We're removing the barriers to wellness

Good health is the key to living a longer, happier life. We’re here to unlock access for all.

We're removing the barriers to wellness

Good health is the key to living a longer, happier life. We’re here to unlock access for all.

Nature = Nurture

Goode Health is where science and technology meet the ancient wisdom of plants

Too often, working towards optimum wellness means running into barriers, like confusing recommendations from not-so-expert sources, online quizzes that provide hope but no results, and bank-draining products.

Goode Health is a group of scientists, medical experts, and innovators who came together to create a simpler, truly personalized, more convenient, and more affordable way to improve your health based on the healing power of plants.

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What We Believe


We believe wellness should be a right, not a luxury.

We’re on a mission to deliver convenient, more affordable ways to put wellness within everyone’s reach.


We believe in the power of superfoods.

They’ve helped treat ailments and improved the vitality of countless generations around the globe for centuries.


We believe in technology for good.

We have the power and the knowledge today to be pin-point accurate when it comes to individualized testing and recommendations.


We believe quality matters.

We only use well-studied, effective, clean ingredients, so you never have to wonder or worry about what you’re putting in your body.

Mother Nature Is Our Guide

We’re guided and inspired by Mother Nature

Modern medicine works miracles, but the Earth has also given us the tools to make amazing improvements in our health and nutrition without turning to chemicals.

For centuries, cultures across the world have been relying on medicinal herbs and the healing power of plants to effectively improve their wellness, and our superfood supplements are built on their ancient wisdom — and modern studies that prove their efficacy.

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Our Scientists

We're built on medical expertise

Our doctors, dieticians, food scientists, and medical experts are involved in every aspect of Goode Health, by design.

All of our tests, supplements, recommendations, and processes are overseen by our team of medical experts.

Our Mission

We live to make your life better

When we reach our optimum wellness, the potential unlocked is limitless.

But not everyone has the knowledge, or the access. So, people often wait until they get sick to address their health, and by then, traditional medicine is the default option.

We believe that if you nurture your body with the right superfoods to address mounting ailments, many medical interventions would be unnecessary. That’s where Goode Health comes in.

Our team works tirelessly every day to achieve our vision of a world where everyone has the power to actively manage their own health and vitality — confidently, conveniently, and affordably.

Our Promises To You

Priced Fairly

Most traditional supplement companies mark up their products by over 70%, forcing people to spend an unnecessary fortune for a bunch of pills they're not even sure they need. At Goode Health, we cut our margins drastically and purposefully so we can bring optimum wellness within everyone's reach.

Physician Formulated

Based on your unique test results, your custom powdered supplement is formulated by our physicians with your ideal blend of plant proteins, fiber, and superfoods, every time.

Custom For You

It’s hard to get results you want with generic advice and mass-produced products. We offer insights based on your unique biomarkers and assemble a custom superfood blend just for you.

No Crappy Ingredients

By sourcing well-studied ingredients, we’re working to help break the pills-and-chemicals cycle by offering an all-natural alternative made from clean whole foods. No fillers. Ever.