You’re just a blood test away from cutting-edge nutrition

Meet Goode Health: the easy, affordable way to improve

your well-being, all without leaving your living room.


How it works

Take the test
at home

One finger-prick and done. Your blood test looks at inflammation, heart health, blood sugar, and more.

Discover your
focus areas

Get clear recommendations for your nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress.

Get your custom
superfood blend

Formulated by our physicians with your ideal blend of plant proteins, fiber, and superfoods.

Meet your
Health Coach

Make impactful changes to your habits with guidance from our expert health coaches.

Unlock the information
hidden in your blood

Check up on your important health markers—things like inflammation, blood sugar, and cholesterol—and discover which superfoods can improve them.

Nutrition is just the beginning

What you eat is important, but it’s not everything. We’ll give you science-based guidance on how to improve all aspects of your wellness—and what steps to take first.


Real science, made really convenient.

Complete the test in less than 5 minutes with one easy finger-prick. Get accurate, physician-reviewed results from a CLIA-certified lab.

Test Kit


Tests your heart health (cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides), metabolic health (HbA1c) and inflammation (hs-CRP).

Get an online dashboard with your results and personalized wellness recommendations.

Test Kit & Superfood Blend bundle


Take the test first, then receive a one-month supply of your custom superfood blend.

Contains plant proteins, fiber, and superfood ingredients— physician formulated based on your blood test results.

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