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Goodehealth Test Kit

The SUPR™ Test Kit

The SUPR™ Test Kit

Get our convenient, just-a-finger-prick blood test, an online dashboard with a breakdown of what your result actually mean for your health, and personalized wellness recommendations based on your unique needs.

Free shipping and a pre-paid return envelope included.

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How it works


Take the SUPR™ blood test

One finger-prick and done. Test inflammation, blood sugar, heart health and more.


Discover your unique focus areas

Our CIID-certified labs upload the test results to your personalized health dashboard.


Measure your progress

Apply our recommendations to improve your health and test again to see the results.

Gain an in-depth understanding of your health

Use the SUPR™ Test kit to understand your results, which metrics require attention, and how they are trending over time. Unlock an aggregate health score based on our proprietary analysis of four key areas which drive long-term wellness. See your numbers improve as you follow our recommendations over time.