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The Impact of Goode Health Superfood Chocolate Blend on Peripheral Macro and Microvascular Function

February 2024


To gain insights into specific biometric changes in the health of Goode Health (GH) consumers, the study assessed metrics such as Endothelial Cell Function (ECF) for blood vessel health, Lipid profile (Cholesterol), CRP (a measure of immunity & inflammation), and subjective survey information. The aim was to use the learnings from this pilot study to conduct a larger study with a control arm in the near future. The initiative was launched based on internal results from over 30 historical GH users, showcasing significant improvements in blood biomarkers (Lipids, A1C, CRP) after using Goode Health for at least 2 months.


In a study conducted at the University of Texas at Arlington, renowned for its expertise in measuring ECF, six participants used GH twice daily for two weeks. ECF and blood measurements were taken before the study began and again after two weeks of use. The results were compiled and analyzed using ANOVA and cross tabs analyses.


The key endpoint of ECF, measured by Flow Mediated Dilation, exhibited a remarkable 37.1% increase (from a baseline of 4.2 to a result of 5.8). This is noteworthy, as the only other nutritional product showing a significant improvement in Flow Mediated Dilation achieved only a 21% increase. Cholesterol measures also displayed significant improvement, with total cholesterol decreasing by 14.5%, LDL cholesterol reducing by 18.7%, and Triglycerides dropping by 25.4%. A crucial marker of immune health & inflammation, C-reactive Protein, decreased by about 6% after two weeks of using Goode Health. Interestingly, users also reported a significant reduction in stress levels. The same research team is currently underway on a larger clinical study to validate these data with various populations.

FMD Peak Velocity Peak Flow Peak Shear
Baseline # 4.2 70.5 474.1 812.0
2 week # 5.8 77.6 564.1 860.2
2 week % 37.1% 10.1% 19.0% 5.9%
Total Cholesterol Total Chol. LDL LDL Chol. Triglycerides TG CRP CRP
Baseline # 181.8 120.8 78.6 2.9
2 week # 155.4 98.2 58.6 2.7
2 week % -14.5% -18.7% -25.4% -6.1%
*Ortiz et al, 2024. Poster presented during American College of Sports Medicine meeting, February 2024

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