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Polyphenol rich and Mediterranean food being down on a white table. Shrimp, nuts, broccoli, avocado and olives

Can a Polyphenol-Rich Green Mediterranean Diet Slow Down Aging?

Do you ever wish there was a secret recipe to slow down the aging process and keep yourself feeling youthful? Well, it turns out, there might be, and it's rooted in polyphenols, those powerful micronutrients found in plant-based foods and in Goode Health Superfood Nutritional Blends. A recent clinical trial conducted in Israel, with contributions from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, has unveiled some exciting findings.

The study, published on September 25 in BMC Medicine, focused on the impact of polyphenols—a class of micronutrients found in plant-based foods and beverages—on biological aging. For 18 months, 294 adults with abdominal obesity followed one of three dietary interventions: healthy dietary guidelines, a traditional Mediterranean diet, or a Green Mediterranean diet emphasizing low meat consumption and daily intake of polyphenol-rich green tea and Mankai.

The standout result? Those who adhered to the polyphenol-rich Green Mediterranean diet experienced an 18-month reduction in methylation age (mAge), a marker of biological aging. The secret sauce? Polyphenols. The study suggests that the higher intake of these micronutrients is the key driver behind the observed slowing of biological aging.

But there’s more—the traditional Mediterranean diet also showed promising results, indicating that embracing this lifestyle can potentially save you nine months on the aging clock. It seems like the Mediterranean way of eating is not just delicious but also a recipe for a longer, healthier life. 

It’s results like this that led the physicians, nutritionists and scientists at Goode Health to formulate Goode Health Superfood nutrition shakes with plenty of polyphenol-rich ingredients. So, why not indulge in some olives, sip on green tea, or better yet a delicious Goode Health smoothie, and savor the benefits of a diet that might just be the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth?

Read the study: The effect of polyphenols on DNA methylation-assessed biological age attenuation: the DIRECT PLUS randomized controlled trial