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Our personal health coaches can help you jumpstart new healthy habits.

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what will happen in a coaching session?

  • 1Dive into the details of your results
    Your coach will interpret your blood test results and explain what they mean for your health.
  • 2Talk about potential lifestyle changes that will work for you
    Out of all the changes you could make to your daily habits, your coach helps you pinpoint the most impactful one.
  • 3Plan your next steps
    End the session with a clear idea of what you can do to support your health and wellbeing.

Scientific Studies

Focus on what matters most

Your health coach connects the dots between your test results and daily habits. Together, you’ll determine where to aim your attention.

Nutrition Every marker we test for, such as inflammation and cholesterol, can be influenced by the foods you eat.
Exercise Too little exercise can affect your heart health and metabolic health, while too much can cause inflammation.
Sleep Not getting enough shut-eye doesn’t just affect your energy level, it’s also been linked to weight, heart health, and inflammation.
Stress Management Stress has been linked to high cholesterol, blood sugar, and inflammation. But the good news is you can learn how to manage it.

Hear it from our healthier, happier customers

At first I was little nervous when I learned some of my biomarkers weren't as healthy as I'd like them to be.  But then my expert health coach gave me so many great tips.


She helped me look at my diet in a whole new light and also gave me some recipes I could try right away.

Ryan Y.

The health coach did a phenomenal job explaining what the metrics meant and what behavioral changes I could make to improve.


The health coach helped me learn which types of food I am supposed to eat, or substitute, in order to improve my health.

Jackie B.

Scientific Studies

Real science, made really convenient.

Complete the test in less than 5 minutes with one easy finger-prick. Get accurate, physician-reviewed results from a CLIA-certified lab.

Test Kit


Tests your heart health (cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides), metabolic health (HbA1c) and inflammation (hs-CRP).

Get an online dashboard with your results and personalized wellness recommendations.

Test Kit & Superfood Blend bundle


Take the test first, then receive a one-month supply of your custom superfood blend.

Contains plant proteins, fiber, and superfood ingredients— physician formulated based on your blood test results.