Nutrition so powerful,
it doesn't fit in a

Meet your custom superfood blend—a powder supplement made from real food and whole ingredients you recognize, tailored to fit your needs.


Take the test. Get your custom blend.

Personalized for you
based on your blood test

Formulated by our

Delivered monthly to
your doorstep

What's In Your Blend?


Real foods with powerful benefits like turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon.

Plant Proteins

3 types of clean protein from fava beans, peas, and organic brown rice.


Each scoop gives you 25% of your daily fiber to support heart health and digestion.

Vegan formula

No soy, gluten, nuts, eggs or dairy

No artificial colors or flavors

No GMOs or fillers

Truly targeted nutrition isn’t one-size fits all

Food pyramids? So last century. We help tailor your nutrition to your body’s specific needs, based on your blood test results.

Sarah's custom superfood blend


Human resources manager

  • Her job is demanding and she has an active household with two young kids.
  • Diabetes runs in her family so she wants to be proactive about her health.
Her Goode Health blood test revealed high blood sugar and elevated inflammation.
David's custom superfood blend


Software Programmer

  • Sits at his computer all day for work.
  • Doesn’t like the idea of popping pills or vitamins all the time.
  • He likes that his superfood blend is a protein powder with added nutrition from real foods.
His Goode Health test revealed high blood sugar and triglycerides levels.
Jamie's custom superfood blend


Actress and graphic designer

  • Overwhelmed by all the nutrition information out there.
  • Has tried dozens of supplements but could never truly tell what was helping.
  • Came to Goode Health to take the guesswork out of supplements.
Her Goode Health test revealed elevated inflammation and cholesterol levels.

No mystery chemicals here. Just real ingredients you can actually pronounce.

And we don’t use just any old version of our superfoods—we find the best. Like a special turmeric with an absorption rate that’s 29x that of ordinary turmeric (just to name one).





Chia seeds



Vitamin D

Monk Fruit

Plant Proteins



Designed to fit right into your life

Add to your smoothie

Mix with any hot or cold beverage

Post-workout fuel

On-the-go breakfast or snack

Real science, made really convenient.

Complete the test in less than 5 minutes with one easy finger-prick. Get accurate, physician-reviewed results from a CLIA-certified lab.

Test Kit


Tests your heart health (cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides), metabolic health (HbA1c) and inflammation (hs-CRP).

Get an online dashboard with your results and personalized wellness recommendations.

Test Kit & Superfood Blend bundle


Take the test first, then receive a one-month supply of your custom superfood blend.

Contains plant proteins, fiber, and superfood ingredients— physician formulated based on your blood test results.

The science behind your superfood blend

Ginger for blood sugar control
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