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Myx Health is changing its name to Goode Health

Supporting you on your journey to Goode Health

Soon we're adopting a brand new name that better reflects our mission: to help you achieve and maintain Goode Health.

It's just the beginning of an exciting year ahead. Throughout 2021, we're bringing you:

  • Redesigned packaging and digital dashboard with beautiful new colors
  • Improved superfood formulas and flavors
  • New at-home health tests and personalized supplements
  • Actionable tips to help you live a longer, healthier life
  • & much more!

We understand you might have questions. Below we've explained everything you need to know.

How does this affect me?

Once we officially launch our new name, you can access your account at If you go to, we'll automatically redirect you to our new site.

You'll also start receiving emails from - stay tuned for health tips and inspiration from our experts.

Will my Superfood Myx supplement change?

It will get a fresh new look and the formula will be improved!

We're rolling out new formulas throughout this year that are even more personalized. We recently launched a Vanilla Spice flavor and plan to come out with more flavors soon, too.

Your new packaging will have our new logo, new colors, and be a bit smaller - to save space in your kitchen.

Will I still have access to my account?

Yes, of course. Your dashboard will get a fresh new look, but your information and recommendations will still be there for you.

Are my test results and health data being kept safe?

Yes, your information is not being sold or shared with anyone. We're still the same group of people working behind the scenes, just with a new company name.

Why is Goode spelled with an “e”?

It’s the way good was spelled in the old English times - inspired by the fact that we’re bringing you tried-and-true health recommendations and superfood ingredients, not the latest fads.

Does this affect the terms of my account with you?

Our terms and conditions and privacy policy will remain the same. If you are currently subscribed to your superfood supplement, please note that eventually we will transition to billing you from the name Goode Health.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates

We'll keep you in the loop as we make the transition. If you have questions in the meantime, you can still contact us at

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